Gen 1-3 Just for today,  I will look around and enjoy God’s creation.  I will not complain about the heat or the cold, the rain or the snow; I will take time out of my hectic schedule to reflect on the intricacies of His handiwork-then I will rest in the fact that His most amazing creation is me.  The vastness of the universe and the design of the galaxies were created by the master Creator, yet, we are still His most beloved creation.  That is how important you are to God.

There is a product that tells you to ‘love the skin you’re in’ and there is much truth to that.  God didn’t create us all the same.  Some of us have red hair while others have blonde… (well, if you are friends with Miss Clairol, then you can be any hair color you want!)  Some of us are tall and others not so tall.  Some have the ability to speak well and confidently while others are shy and struggle to find the right words in a conversation.  We enjoy different things, and that is by design.  God doesn’t make mistakes.  I’ve seen a child’s shirt that says, ‘God don’t make no junk.’  Although that phrase may be grammatically incorrect, it couldn’t be closer to a Biblical truth.  I am encouraged to know that even in my weaknesses, my imperfections, and my mistakes, I am still His creation, His GREATEST creation, and He loves me.