Just for today, I will be patient and trust God.  Chapter 16 is a perfect example of getting ahead of God’s timing.  Sarai wanted a child.  God had already promised Abram an heir (back in Chapter 15:4-6). However, in Chapter 16 we see that Sarai became discouraged and impatient because she bore Abram no children, so she sent Abram in to her handmaid, Hagar.  Because of Sarai’s impatience, a son was born to Hagar whose “hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him” v. 12.    Do you think that Sarai would have made the same decision had she known the results?  Not many of us would, but none of us can see the future.  So we ourselves must learn to wait; to be patient.  God’s timing is greater than ours, and it always yields greater results.  When Sarah (God changed her name from Sarai to Sarah in chapter 17) learned that she would have a child in her old age, she laughed!  She thought her prayer for a child was an unanswered prayer to the point that she laughed within herself!  It did seem like an impossible situation, but a question is presented in Chapter 18 (v. 14) that calms all fear and doubt: Is any thing too hard for the Lord?  Say that again: Is anything too hard for the Lord?  Is there more than one answer there?  What is your situation that you feel you just can’t wait any longer for your answer?  What brings you discouragement because you have waited so long and it seems like the answer just won’t come?  Is anything too hard for the Lord?  Nothing, nothing, nothing!   The answer you are seeking may be closer than you think.