Just for today, I will trust God’s provisions.  Chapter 22 is where God asked Abraham to take his son up the mountain and offer him as a sacrifice.  I can’t imagine how Abraham must have felt.  But I do know that Abraham obediently took his son up that mountain, prepared to follow God’s command.  As Abraham laid Isaac upon that altar, God saw Abraham’s obedience, and there He provided a sacrificial animal in Isaac’s place.  I’ve heard it said many times before that as Abraham and Isaac were walking up one side of the mountain, a ram was coming up the other; and God, our heavenly Father, saw both sides.  It is important for us to remember that when we can’t see past our circumstances, God can see the other side of those circumstances, and He already knows how He is going to provide in your situation.  In verse 14, Abraham called the name of the place Jehovah-jireh, meaning God will provide.  God always provides!