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Have you ever thought of yourself as ‘not good enough’ to serve God?  Maybe there are things in your past that bring you shame.  It could be that there is a habit that you can’t break or a sin that ‘doth so easily beset’ you.  Or maybe there is something about your personality or your abilities that make you feel inadequate to serve God.  You are not alone if you are trying to make excuses when God asks you to do something.  There is a man in our passage today that gave God excuse after excuse. “Who am I?  What shall I say unto them?  But they will not believe me; I am not eloquent; I am slow of speech, and of a slow tongue…..” would you believe that the man who offered all of these excuses was Moses? THE Moses?  If you know anything about the Old Testament, you will quickly realize that God was not interested in Moses’ excuses, and He isn’t interested in ours, either.  If God called you to do something, then YOU are the person for the job!  Just for today, don’t offer God your excuses.  Give Him your obedience, and see what He can do through you!