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For any of you parents out there reading this, I think you will find today’s thought quite relevant.  Have you ever had to tell your child no?  No is not always an easy word to hear, and it isn’t always an easy one to say, either.  As a parent, sometimes our children ask us for things that we know they don’t necessarily need, or it may be something that can’t be given at that particular time.  I don’t think we tell them no in malice or anger, but rather, we tell them because we know there is a greater good, purpose, or reason.  So it is with God.  When God has to say no, it isn’t because he doesn’t like us or doesn’t want to give us what we ask.  It is because He knows better than we do what we need.  Just for today, I will be thankful for the times God says no.  I will realize that He cares for me and that when He says no, it is for His greater purpose.

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