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   Now that we are in the book of Leviticus, you will find that many of the passages deal with all kinds of offerings-offerings of the herd, offerings of the flock, peace offerings, meat offerings, sin offerings, trespass offerings, and the list goes on and on.  The passages describe in detail the type of sacrifice and how it was to be offered, and almost every passage contained the words, ‘and the priest.’  Aren’t you so glad that because of Christ, we no longer have to go before a priest to present our offerings or confess our sins?  Just for today, I will appreciate the ability to speak to the Father through the Holy Spirit, by the Sacrifice of a Living Savior.  I will rest in the fact that my family does not have to seek out or raise an animal to lay at the altar of sacrifice.  Christ became-and forever is-our sacrifice.  God the Father loved us so much that He willingly sent Jesus to be the propitiation for our sins, and He did that once and for all.

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