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NumbersBeing a parent has its rewards and its challenges.  There are times when my children do as I ask or they play well together or they eat their vegetables, and I just beam with motherly pride.  Other times, I have to give them the same instructions over and over, or they fight, or they want brownies instead of broccoli!  These are small things right now, but as my children grow older, they will continue to make decisions that will either please me or disappoint me.  But the fact will never change that they are my children and I will always be their parent.  Even if they grow up and disown me, it will not change their bloodline-they will always be my children, whether we are in fellowship or our fellowship is broken.  Borrowing the thought from Scofield, just for today, I will realize that being out of fellowship with God doesn’t mean I have lost my kinship in Christ.  On more than a dozen occasions, the Bible speaks of how the Israelites spake and murmured against God.    Yet, when Balak instructed Balaam to curse the Israelites, God told him that they were His people and that they were blessed (22:12. 23:8,20; 24:1).  “Although our state may require God’s discipline, our standing is eternally secure and perfect” (Scofield).  As a child of God, we can rest in our eternal security!  Even when God has to discipline us, we still belong to Him.

Numbers 21-24

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