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Have you ever been low on faith?  Sometimes you gauge it like gasoline in a vehicle.  The gas light of your faith comes on sometimes.  Maybe a prayer hasn’t been answered in the way you had hoped.  Maybe you are having difficulties at work, or maybe that loved one is still battling an illness or facing a trial.  Whatever it may be that is draining your gas tank of faith, don’t feel alone.  In Luke 7:19, John the Baptist sent a message to Jesus saying, Art thou he that should come?  or look we for another?  At this point, John was in prison, getting ready for his execution, and he finds himself low on faith, questioning Christ.  The same man who had both preached Jesus and baptized Jesus was now questioning Him.  In his darkest hour, he let his faith grow small.

Another story in Luke tells us of a man whose daughter had died.  Jesus invited Peter, James, and John, and the mother and father of the girl to come into the room where she lay.  The only people in the room were those closest to Jesus and the ones who needed the most faith.  But when Jesus spoke and said that she was only sleeping, Luke 8:53 said that they laughed him to scorn.  The same ones that saw him heal the sick, open blinded eyes, and cause the lame to walk were laughing at Him.  They lacked faith.  But in their small faith, Jesus healed her anyway.

Let these stories of small faith be an encouragement to us today.  Not that we should have small faith, but we can rest assured that even in our small faith, Christ still wants to work on our behalf.  These stories today aren’t to belittle those who lacked faith, but to remind you that even some of the greatest people in the Bible lacked faith at times.  This fuels my faith!  It is the spiritual gas station for a low-on-faith heart!  Just for today, know that in your times of small faith, you are not alone, and this time of doubt will pass.