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How do you remember the stories about your ancestors?  What about childhood stories from your parents or grandparents?  You know them because they have told you about them.  Sometimes the stories are so vivid and real that you feel as though you were there with them.  Looking back through old pictures or finding keepsakes of days gone by will call up memories that were almost forgotten.

Here in the Deuteronomy, we see Moses instructing the children of Israel about their future.  It was Moses’ final address to them, and it was a time of reminiscence of what God had done for them as they journeyed all those years.  In the middle of all that, Moses stepped back a moment and said, “Listen.  You are going to have to diligently keep these things constantly before your eyes.  As you go on without me, it is important that you don’t ever forget what you have seen the hand of God do.  Don’t forget, and tell your children.  Tell your children’s children.  As they grow, let them know that the God they serve is able to deliver them out of the hands of the enemy.”

As Christian parents, that’s what we need to do.  We need to teach our children the great and mighty things that God has done for us, lest we forget ourselves.  Even for those who may not have children, it is still important to share the goodness of God with others. It could be a niece, nephew, or neighbor that needs to know about the provisions of God.  We need to constantly remind our children that we serve a great big God that is able to do great and mighty things!  Just for today, I will remind my children of the greatness of our God.

Passage Focus: Deuteronomy 1-4