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Laws, laws, and more laws.  That is the theme of our scripture passage today.  There were laws for every situation; everyone and everything was in subjection to the laws.  And rightfully so; Chapter 23:14 reminded them that the laws were set up so that the camp of the Israelites would be holy.  This was a holy place because the Lord walked in the midst of the camp among them, and we know that God will not have a part of anything that is not holy.  These laws were in place in the Old Testament, before they could truly, fully understand grace.  There had to be some standard by which to live.

But when Christ became our sacrifice, we were no longer under the law-Christ came so that we might have life, and have it more abundantly.  I know that it is important to live a holy and separated life as a follower of Christ, but we are no longer bound by these laws-we are under grace, and we can understand it through the forgiveness of Christ.  Just for today, I will rejoice that I am under grace and not under the law.

Deuteronomy 21-24