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Psalm 51:10 “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.”

At this time of year, we are getting back to many different things.  The children are going back to school.  We are going back to routines and schedules.  For those who have enjoyed summer vacation and summer break, it’s time to get back to reality!  But in the midst of all of these ‘back to’s’, we have an opportunity to examine our spiritual ‘back to’s’.

As my first grader gets back into his school routine, he has some responsibilities.  He will have to remember most of the things he learned in kindergarten.  He will have to prepare his mind for the things he will learn this year.  He will have to befriend a new group of boys and girls and make new friends.  Let’s bring this around to spiritual matters.

Sometimes I think we unknowingly take a spiritual vacation and find ourselves removed from things that keep us focused on Christ.  In the world that we live in, it doesn’t always take much to do that-so many things to entice us and pull us away from the things we should do.  But to get back to a place where we are living and doing as we should, we have to:

  1.  Remember what we have learned.  We need to remember to read our bibles and pray to keep a close relationship with God.  He desires to hear from us, and He longs to speak to us through His word.
  2. Prepare our minds.  We need to pray for God’s wisdom so that we can have a better understanding of what He would have us to do.  It may be that God is calling you to do something new for Him.  Something He has never asked you to do before.  Be ready for that by keeping a mind of prayer and an attitude of obedience.
  3. Loving others.  As Christians, it should be our primary goal to share Christ with those around us.  Just as we teach our little ones, to have a friend, you must be a friend.  It could be that someone is longing for a kind word or a pat on the back.  Be that source of encouragement and strength.   As Christ loved us (even in our lost, broken condition), we should love others as Jesus loves them.  See those around you today through the eyes of Christ.

Just for today, I will get back to the basics.  I will step into God’s schoolhouse and be an obedient student in word and deed.