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for his mercy endureth for ever. Six words divinely arranged to bring peace and joy to the heart of every believer.

for-seeing that; since

his-belonging to God

mercy-compassionate forbearance

endureth-never exhausted; never running out

forever-an endless period of time

Translated to understand that seeing that God’s compassionate forbearance is never exhausted for an endless period of time.

Pause and ponder that thought.  When our battles are raging and our physical strength is exhausted.  When our minds are questioning and our enemies are gaining ground.  When the bills are high and the funds are low.  When the pain doesn’t respond to treatment.  When the jobs aren’t coming in.  When our situation is seemingly hopeless, don’t give up!  Don’t lose faith!  For his mercy endureth forever!  Isaiah 59:1 reminds us that His hand is not shortened, that it cannot save, neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:

Just for today,  be reminded of God’s mercy as you read Psalm 136.  It is encouraging to know that his mercy endureth for ever!