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Proverbs 27 Boast not yourself of to morrow; for you know not what a day may bring forth.”

I am such a procrastinator.  Not so much as when I was in high school and college, waiting until the last minute to study or write a paper or complete a project, but still a procrastinator, nonetheless.  You can ask the basket of clean laundry that has been sitting on my dryer for two days about my procrastination issues.  I’ve actually been putting off this blog post for a few days.  Now that I have thoroughly incriminated myself of these procrastination issues, I can get to the heart of the problem.  Our daily lives can become disorganized when we procrastinate in doing necessary things.

On an even greater level, our spiritual lives suffer when we procrastinate.  Sometimes we tell ourselves that “If God would (you fill in the blank), then I could serve Him better.” Or, “I’m really going to be able to do (this) when (this) happens.”  We base our whole being on conditional requirements.  Then we come down to the end of our lives, and we look back to see that we left a life unlived because our ‘requirements’ were unmet.  Serving Christ shouldn’t be about what God could, might, or should do for us.  We are His creation.  Can you imagine a piece of clay looking up at the Potter and requesting that he be molded into a vase rather than a pitcher?  It sounds absurd, but is that not how we tend to be sometimes in our service? Lord, if you give me a great voice, I will sing.  Lord, if you will help me understand children, I will teach.  Lord, if you open a door for me, I will go.  And the ‘ifs’ go on and on.  What if we stepped out on NOW faith and said, Lord, I am doing this, equip me.  We must not boast ourselves of tomorrow.  We never really get there.  We live in today each day of our lives.  Just for today, I will live for Christ with no strings attached…and I will go fold that load of laundry that is calling my name!