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Joshua 11-15 Focus Verse 11:15

I enjoy watching sports.  If the truth be told, though, my favorite moments are the final two or three minutes of the game (except for college football, then I can enjoy the last quarter comfortably).  The intensity, the anticipation, and the thrill of a close game are just exciting to me.  But there are some games, rather, some players that I could do without watching.  Like those who half heartedly play when their team is behind or when they fumble a play and their pride kicks in so they finish the game putting forth little to no effort.  Half heartedness is close to lukewarmness-it is quite undesirable.  To begin projects that go unfinished or to commit oneself to something and then quit…these are not strong character traits that one wants to possess.

But here in Joshua, we see that it was said of him, “he left nothing undone.”  There is a lot to be said of someone who will complete the task at hand, whether big or small.  What a great thing to be said of someone-“he left nothing undone.”  Nothing was put off until tomorrow.  Nothing was passed along for someone else to complete.  With diligence and effort Joshua finished the things he was asked to do.  Is there something undone in your life today?  A kind word left unsaid?  A broken relationship that needs to be mended?  A sin that needs to be confessed and forsaken?  A calling from God that I haven’t yet answered?  Just for today, I will reflect on whether it could be said of me, “(s)he left nothing undone.”