Joshua 21-24

Focus Verse 24:15

This is one of my favorite passages in Scripture.  Joshua is giving his ‘farewell’ address to the tribes of Israel.  In his one hundred and ten years on earth, Joshua knew that he had chosen correctly in choosing to follow God.  And not only did he follow, but he led well.  He led God’s people into the Promised Land.  Chapter 24 chronicles the victories that God had given the people, and then he presented a choice to them:  “Choose you this day whom ye will serve;…but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”    Families, there is still an open invitation to do the same today.  For the sake of our families, we need to choose the Lord.  It is our job to teach this to our children so that they will teach it to their children’s children.  If we choose not to serve the Lord, what will happen to our grandchildren?  Our great-grandchildren?  It is time for Christian homes to stand strong in the faith of God and become families of character and integrity.  Do your children and grandchildren know about Jesus?  If not, choose today to share the good news!  There’s a familiar saying that goes something like this: “The only way for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”  If we choose to do nothing with Christ, then Satan will win our families by default.  Just for today, and every day, I will be sure that I am sharing Christ with my family.  We will choose Christ.