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Reality Budgeting

I think the majority of us would say that we enjoy saving money.  However, the extreme couponing that is depicted on reality television is not, in fact, reality.  But there are some ways that you can reduce a grocery budget.  SIDE NOTE: Trying to cut your grocery bill by 50% your first week is just discouraging!  Take small steps to gradually reduce your grocery spending.  This week’s tip: Have a vegetable plate one night a week.  For those out there who are meat and potato people, this might not sound very appealing, but it carries a two-fold advantage in your grocery shopping.  First, meat rarely has a ‘coupon matchup,’ so it can take a chunk out of your grocery budget.  Second, it’s a healthy idea to eliminate meat from your diet on occasion.  A good substitute would be rice or beans.  They can give you that full feeling that typically comes from meat. For those of us here in Cheatham County (or neighboring Dickson County), we have two small grocery stores that offer Pick 5 for $19.99.  These portions can go along way with careful meal planning, which is the topic for next week.  Until then, spend wisely!


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