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Made from Scratch

Let’s face it.  We can’t all cook like our granny, at least I can’t.  She could make a skillet of fried chicken and homemade chocolate syrup like it ain’t nobody’s business.  But did I inherit that?  No.  Not by long shot!  So you’re not Suzy Homemaker.  Neither am I!  But I think that with just a little extra time (just a little) in the kitchen, we can stretch our grocery budget.  Breakfast is a great place to start.  Making homemade pancakes or French toast are much tastier from Mom’s Skillet than they are Aunt Jemima’s box!  You can even freeze the leftovers to eliminate cooking time and grocery costs for the upcoming week.  Remember that basic ingredients like flour, sugar, baking soda, etc. are much less expensive than packaged items.  So get ready to dust off the crock pots, find your whisk, and get ready to create some homemade meals.  Find a good cookbook or a good website that has meals to suit your family, as each family unit has its own unique tastes and likes.  Our next series will cover cooking for busy moms, because I know that when you walk through your door at the end of a busy work day, the last thing you want to do is think about creating a meal.  So until next time, spend wisely!

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