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Flat Top Reflections 

John 8:1-11

For some time now, I have been considering the portion of scripture in John chapter 8. This is the account of the woman taken in adultery. Recently Pastor Strickland used this text as the basis for an excellent message. This has encouraged me to share another possible application of this passage. We are told of an occasion when the religious crowd of Jesus day was trying to trick him into a ‘gotcha’ moment. They wanted him to say something they could use to turn the people against him. The Pharisees brought a woman to him who had been caught in adultery and asked what should be done with her. If you read the first 11 verses of John 8 you will see that Jesus had compassion on the woman and exposed the religious crowd for the hypocrites they were.

It is important for Christians to stand for what is right and to oppose sin. We must remember though that “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. We must not look down on people who are involved in a sin that we, by the grace of God, have managed to avoid. We should hate the sin, but we must love the sinner.

The world does not understand this concept. A common tactic in social debate today is to label someone a ‘hater’ because they do not approve of whatever lifestyle a person chooses to live. It is instructional to note that although Jesus demonstrated compassion toward the woman, he also told her not to continue in her sin. He showed us how to love someone without condoning their sin.

God gave his only begotten Son because he loves the whole world. We must stand for the truth as given to us in God’s Word. We must also love everyone, even those who have not accepted this truth and would misrepresent our position for their own advantage.


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