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Applications from 1 Kings 

1 Kings 1:8

The Story:

Adonijah is making a play for David’s throne. We are told a few important things about him: He exalted himself–so not chosen to be King. He is the younger brother of Absalom. He is good looking.

David didn’t discourage him from trying. This could be due to David’s age and health, or David could be quietly in support.

Joab helps Adonijah. Joab has always backed King David. Why would he turn against him now? He possibly feels that a new King is in order. Others stick with King David, v.8. Mainly Nathan and David’s mighty men.

The Application:

Focus on What you Have Rather than What you Don’t
(1 Kings 1:8 But Zadok the priest, and Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, and Nathan the prophet, and Shimei, and Rei, and the mighty men which belonged to David, were not with Adonijah.)

It would be easy to be David and be discouraged that Joab left your side. However, he still has a good following.

So it is in life. Sometimes things don’t go our way. Try not to focus on what doesn’t go your way. Focus on what is going your way.  Sometimes people hurt us. Rather than focus on the hurt, focus on those who love us. Many times we can’t have the things we want. Focus on the things we have instead. They will become so much more valuable.

Focus on what you can control rather than things you cannot!

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