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   Welcome to the sermon podcast for Harpeth Baptist Church in Kingston Springs, TN.  Sermon audio is published weekly from Pastor Chanc Strickland or a guest to our church.  Generally the audio is from our Sunday morning worship service.

How would you like to listen?

Sermon Podcast


Sermon Podcast






We are happy to provide sermon audio from Harpeth Baptist Church directly to you.  Already the most asked question has become, “How do I listen to the podcast?”  Here are some simple methods you can use:

1-Stream directly from our site – This is a link to the Harpeth Baptist Sermon Podcast

To stream directly from our site, visit the link above and click the icon for “play” below the episode you wish to hear.  This method is very easy, but it requires you to sit with your computer while you listen.

2-Subscribe with iTunes – This is a link to our podcast on iTunes

If you already use iTunes or an Apple device (iPod, iPhone, etc.) you are very familiar with iTunes.  Using the link above, you can listen to our podcast or subscribe to our podcast.  By subscribing, you are telling iTunes to go and get the latest episodes for you automatically each week when they are published.  This method best if you want the ease of automation.  By the way, our podcast is free and so is iTunes.  Get it here: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ 

3-Download the file – This is a link to the Harpeth Baptist Sermon Podcast

Under the icon to “play” the podcast in the link given above you will see a link directly to the audio file.  If you “right-click” this link you will be given the option to download or save.  This will bring the audio file directly to your computer.  From here you can play the file whenever and where ever you would like.

Hopefully you will find our podcast helpful to you in your daily Christian walk.  If you have further questions about the podcast please direct them to our team via email: sb@harpethbaptist.org

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Kingston Springs, TN 37082