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Applications from 1 Kings 

The Story:

We are finally past the political and family issues Solomon had to deal with to establish his kingdom and will be able now to see him actually rule as King. Immediately we read that he takes a wife.  She is the daughter of Pharaoh.  So most likely this is a political move. We read how Solomon has a sincere love for God and worships intensely. God speaks to him in a dream and offers to give him anything. Solomon asks for wisdom to fulfill his calling.

The Application:

A tree falls in the way it leans, 1 Kings 3:1-4

Be careful which way you lean. We read clearly that Solomon loved the Lord and did right.

  • V.3 – Solomon loved the Lord
  • V.3 – He walked in the statues of David.
  •  V.4 – He traveled to Gibeon to Worship.
  •  V.4b – He offered 1000 burnt offerings.

But, a few red flags can be seen here that are evident later in Solomon’s reign and life. He marries an Egyptian. (v.1)

Israelites were strictly told by God to only marry other Israelites and not to marry those who served heathen gods. Solomon does this only as a political move and he was very keen in political matters, as we have already seen. In fact he already had a wife, an Israelite, and he builds the Egyptian her own house so it is evident this is not a love situation. So, we can give Solomon a pass for “leaning” this one time right?  It was a smart political move. In the end what is the popular answer to “What was Solomon’s downfall?”  Women. Be careful which way you lean.

He sacrificed in High Places. See v.2 and v.3b. Notice the use of “only”.  Have you ever had someone say, “I don’t mean to be negative…BUT?” This is about how “only” is being used here. They worship God, BUT (only) it is in the high places that the Canaanites built to worship false gods. This was not okay.  Historically the high places were to be torn down. Well, (v.2) they didn’t have a temple yet to worship in…(Remember, David gathered and Solomon builds) So we won’t worship other gods, we will worship Yahweh and just use these high places until we get a place built. NO!  Where have you worshipped before now?  Go back to the tabernacle and worship in tents!! What do we find in the end of Solomon’s life that he is guilty of besides trouble with Women?

Be careful how you lean. Solomon had sound justification in both areas. You can read the passage without knowing his end and think nothing of it. But, knowing his end we can be sure that a little lean today will be a fall in that direction later.

Pastor Chanc Strickland

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