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Applications from 1 Kings 

The Story: 1 Kings 3:16-28

Two women both come to Solomon laying claim to a child. Both also claim that the other had a child that is now dead because she laid on it. With no evidence or 3rd party witness Solomon is set with determining whose child this really is. Solomon displays the wisdom God has given him and resolves to split the living child and give each their half. The true mother decides to give up her right for the sake of the child. All of Israel is amazed at Solomon’s God-given wisdom.

The Application:

Never Be Blinded By The Facts,  1 Kings 3:23-27

Solomon saw that there was more to this story than what rose to the surface. There were two sides, but he was really only hearing one. It wasn’t 2 sides – Mother 1 and Mother 2. It was 2 sides – Mothers and Child.

If Solomon had gotten too wrapped up in the facts of their testimony he could have forgotten the baby altogether. In reality this is all the case was ever about. The Baby. Never be blinded by the facts. As a Christian it is easy to get so robotic with what we know is right:

  • Read the Bible, Pray, Go to Church
  • Tithe, Praise and Worship, Tell others, etc.

That we forget our true purpose. We are here to spread the gospel and bring glory to God. This cannot be effectively done in a robotic manner. When we are blinded by the facts of what we know is right, we lose our warmth to touch the lives of others.

Cutting a baby in half was probably not common practice. However, it produced the correct verdict. Sometimes it may take you getting past what you know, for God to work through you.

Pastor Chanc Strickland

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