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Applications from 1 Kings 

The Story: 1 Kings 4:20-34

After seeing how Solomon organized his kingdom, now we get to see how things begin to develop. Israel is really benefitting under Solomon’s leadership. If you were to just underline the numbers mentioned in these verses, it is hard to fathom anything in these quantities. Solomon’s God given wisdom is growing and people more and more are noticing. People from all over begin to come to hear Solomon.

The Application:

Good Organization Leads to Good Times, 1 Kings 4:20-28 

Last time we looked at how well Solomon organized. His Kingdom was planned to a tee. In fact, we said maybe it was too organized. But look at the nation of Israel now!

  1. V.20 – Feasting & Merry
  2. V.24 – Peace with neighboring countries.
  3. V.25 – Every man had a vine and fig tree.
  4. V.26 – Their military arsenal is stacked.

They are having the best of times. Outside of God’s blessing it would have to be attributed to Solomon’s careful planning. In fact, wouldn’t his ability to wisely set things up this way be considered God’s blessing?

Good organization leads to good times. The problem with society is we want the fun now. Did you ever see the television commercial with the young man who comes home from college and says, “Mom, Dad, I think I am considering retirement,”? For some people every day or at least every weekend has to be a “party”. Then they can’t understand why: there is not enough money, the house/yard work can’t seem to get done, the children don’t mind, etc. “YOLO” (You only live once) has become the drive behind most people’s philosophy on life. We do not only live once, we are going to live forever! This life is just a speck compared to the next.

“Put the work in now for what you want in the future.”

Physical Things

It takes saving week after week to be able to afford a nice comfortable retirement. Have you ever noticed how there is always a yard/house nicer looking than yours? It takes work to get a home the way you want it. Family, marriage, and raising children all take work. Many are under the impression that they just have to fall in love and the rest will happen!

Spiritual Things

Do you ever wish you knew more about the Bible? I sure do. I have been preaching for several years. Not once have I ever preached that I felt comfortable with the amount of Bible reading and preparation I put into the sermon. Bible Reading and study take work.
How long have you been praying for something? Wow! It really takes lots of work doesn’t it?  Put the work in now for what you want in the future: Saved loved ones? Pray now. Wisdom? Pray now.

Solomon’s good organization led to some great times for the nation of Israel.

Pastor Chanc Strickland

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