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Applications from 1 Kings 

The Story: 1 Kings 5:6B-18

Last time we saw Solomon and Hiram establish communications and begin speaking about building the Temple. Now we see the agreements being established and the work beginning. Hiram is going to provide timber in exchange for food. Hiram will give workers and Solomon will also provide some workers.

All the materials are being prepared and transported to begin the work. Timber is being cut and floated. Stones are being cut and sized.

The Application:

Have a system, 1 Kings 5:12-14

Solomon has a system or a plan to get the job done. 30,000 workers would work in groups of 10,000 for a month at a time. This was a nice alternative to all the workers going away from home at once and staying until the job was complete.

I don’t mean to seem as though I agree with what Solomon is doing here. Essentially this is a draft or even slavery. Solomon is very kind in how he handles it…but it is forced labor.

The point to be made here in spite of forced labor is that Solomon had a system. He had a pre-arranged way of doing things. What wasn’t a great situation for the workers could’ve become even worse. Solomon’s system made it a little bit easier.

Have a system.

Have a way of doing things that is pre-planned, thought through, and even tried out if possible. I regularly ask, “What is your plan?”

  • We are not to aimlessly go through life.
  • We shouldn’t aimlessly: read our Bible, pray, evangelize, attend church, etc.
  • Do you have a system/plan?

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