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Applications from 1 Kings 

The Story: 1 Kings 6:1-38

In Chapter 6 we receive a detailed account of the building of the temple. Let’s summarize these details.

The temple was about 90 feet long by 30 feet wide, and it was 45 feet high. There was a 15 foot porch outside the front the width of the temple. This was a three-story complex. The materials were measured and cut offsite to allow for no cutting or hammering even during the construction of the temple. The frame and beams were cedar. There were “side rooms” for the priests’ use either for sleeping or “office space”. The temple was overlaid with gold!

So, the temple was attractive, and also functional. I would like to draw your attention to 3 things we see in this passage.

The Application:

Silence, 1 Kings 6:7

Several opinions/theories exist to explain v.7. (These do not change the application made, rather they enhance the point that there is a larger study here.)

“Theodoret believed this meant that the temple was built with stones God had miraculously shaped to the precise dimensions so that no cutting was required.”

“A rabbinic tradition offers another explanation with a legend that tells how Solomon secured the “shamir,” a small worm with wonderful powers, by whose mere touch, stones could be split to any desired shape. The magic worm enabled him to build the temple without the use of noisy iron tools.”

“Actually, the verse means that the stones were so carefully tooled and skillfully prepared when first cut from the remote quarries that they needed no major adjustments when they were transported to the construction site.”

We can see from this then and now there is an importance to silence in the life of the Christian. See 1 Kings 19:11-12. God operates many times in silence. Christ did not come in a parade, he was born privately in a manger.

We Christians need more of a servant heart to work quietly behind the scene. Too often we mistake “noise and hype for spiritual progress”.

Pastor Chanc Strickland

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