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Applications from 1 Kings 

The Story: 1 Kings 6:8-38

Last time we saw the exterior of the Temple and all of its details. Now we see the finishing of the interior of the Temple and all the details that make this up.

The Application:

Methods Change, the Message Doesn’t, 1 Kings 6:14-22

In the building of the Temple v.18 clearly states that no stone was left to be seen, it was all covered with wood. This was not a Jewish building method. (i.e. Currently in America we build with wood covered with sheet rock, while visiting Mexico I noticed it was all masonry). This method is believed to be Phoenician. Probably introduced to Solomon by the foreign workers he hired.

While the method of building changed…

  • The tabernacle was a tent.
  • The other permanent Jewish structures were likely stone as the wood was imported.
  • This new temple ended up being stone covered in wood covered in gold.

The Message (or the Meaning) for the Temple had not.

  • This was still the House of God.
  • This was still the place the Ark stayed.
  • This was still the place atonement was made for sin.

Methods change, the Message does not.

The Message (the Word, the Bible, the Gospel) has been the same from the beginning of time. The Methods have adjusted to culture. Think of it in regards to churches. The first churches met in homes. Churches have adapted into buildings with pews, hymnals, stained-glass windows, a bell, etc. Modern churches have adapted further taking a different shape and purpose. They have chairs or stadium seats, screens, lighting, sound, audio/visual, etc.

Methods may change, but the Message never should.

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