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Applications from 1 Kings 

The Story: 1 Kings 7:13-51

Chapter 7 concludes with Solomon putting some finishing touches on his palace and the temple. In verse 13 Hiram is being brought in to work with brass. He covers many items in brass and builds some things; especially two large posts to go on the porch of the temple. He makes a large pool full of water and even carts to haul the water around to fill this and other vessels. Finally, we see where Solomon brings in all the items David had stored away for the temple once it was built.

The Application:

Innovation, 1 Kings 7:23-39

Hiram built a sea of brass. This sea of brass is estimated to have held 11,500 gallons of water. He built smaller vessels to hold water and by description the carts he makes to haul the water were things of innovation. To us they are just wheel-barrels. Good for Hiram to work ahead of his time and make something to ease the work.


  • Innovation can be mis-perceived as change.
  • We all know well that change is a bad thing!
  • However, innovation is not change, rather, innovation is doing something (the same thing) differently to make it better or easier.

While humans will never prefer change, we should always pursue innovations.


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