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Applications from 1 Kings 

The Story: 1 Kings 7:13-51

Chapter 7 concludes with Solomon putting some finishing touches on his palace and the temple. In verse 13 Hiram is being brought in to work with brass. He covers many items in brass and builds some things; especially two large posts to go on the porch of the temple. He makes a large pool full of water and even carts to haul the water around to fill this and other vessels. Finally, we see where Solomon brings in all the items David had stored away for the temple once it was built.

The Application:

Sentiment, 1 Kings 7:51

In verse 51 Solomon brings in the items David had dedicated to the temple while he was alive.

Solomon had built an immaculate house for God. The text lists all the things he covered in gold and brass. He had the finest craftsmen from all around come in to do the work. Then, at the very end, he brings in some items David had set aside. These items were old and no doubt not as fancy as the rest that Solomon had made. Still he has them in the Temple.

You and I cannot know Solomon’s motive, but it seems obvious he is showing sentiment by having these items in the temple.

Sentiment is a Good Thing.

Sure it makes us feel mushy and gushy. I know we may not want our emotions dealt with, but some things are good to have around or keep in mind to help us remember the past.

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