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Applications from 1 Kings 

The Story: 1 Kings 8

Here in chapter 8 we have Solomon having the “grand opening” for the new temple. This chapter is composed of three distinct sections:

  • Bringing the ark and tabernacle together into the temple, and Solomon’s message on that occasion.
  • The prayer of dedication by Solomon.
  • The blessing of the congregation followed by their sacrifices.

As you think on this passage put yourself in the mindset of great fanfare and a big “to-do”.

The Application:

Solomon’s Prayer of Dedication Part I, 1 Kings 8:23-32

To keep His promise to David (1 Kings 8:23–26)

Solomon asks God to keep the promise he had made to his father David while David was still King. The Bible is full of promises and we all depend upon them. Remind yourself of some of them and then pray to God with them in mind.

To maintain His constant presence in the temple and accept the prayers of the worshipers (1 Kings 8:27–30)

In Modern times that same prayer can be made. The Holy Spirit of God dwells within believers who are now His temple. Also, the prayer to God to accept others prayers. Have you ever prayed for someone while they were praying? This is a very important work.

To punish those who swear falsely (1 Kings 8:31–32)

Solomon prays for punishment on those who do wrong. Do you ever want to pray like this? We are not to pray, “Lord get them back for doing me wrong so that I can be right…” But we should pray, “Lord help them to know they’ve done wrong so that they, and all, will do right.”

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