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Applications from 1 Kings 

The Story: 1 Kings 8

Here in chapter 8 we have Solomon having the “grand opening” for the new temple. This chapter is composed of three distinct sections:

  • Bringing the ark and tabernacle together into the temple, and Solomon’s message on that occasion.
  • The prayer of dedication by Solomon.
  • The blessing of the congregation followed by their sacrifices.

As you think on this passage put yourself in the mindset of great fanfare and a big “to-do”.

The Application:

Solomon’s Prayer of Dedication Part II, 1 Kings 8:35-43

To send rain during drought (1 Kings 8:35–36)

Solomon prays for rain. He even prays for it for later when a drought might come. He prays for rain to come once those living in sin have changed their ways. This type of prayer could really inconvenience the modern church. We don’t always need physical rain like they did during Solomon’s time. We have dams and water systems to sustain us for a little while. Rather, we need “rain” in other areas: Government, Economy, The Church. Are you willing to pray like Solomon?

To help Israel in other calamities (1 Kings 8:37–40)

This is a time of peace and goodness for Israel. Even then, Solomon is praying for God to be with them if things change. We should all pray like that.

To hear the prayers of strangers (1 Kings 8:41–43)

What a wonderful prayer to pray. Lord, when an unbeliever prays…hear his prayer.

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