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The garden is ready to be planted!



The dirt is tilled up and the parcels are divided off. All you need to do is pick your spot and start planting.

Care-field is our community garden. One of our core values is assisting those in need. The garden is just one part of that. We encourage our folks who don’t have a garden at home to use ours. The intent is to raise produce for your own use and also to have extra to share with those in need.

This year, we intend to set up certain dates for collection. On these days we will gather our extra and deliver it to the Ark in Pegram. They will put it with their regular food distribution. We encourage those with a garden at home to participate in these collection dates as well. I expect to set our first collection day in the middle of July.

There are 6 parcels remaining. Anyone interested can contact Ken Choate and get more information or let him know which parcel you want.

1011 Butterworth Road
Kingston Springs, TN 37082