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Applications from 1 Kings 

The Story: 1 Kings 9:1-9

In this passage we read of God appearing before Solomon. As you remember this is the 2nd time as God had appeared to him in Chapter 3 when he was first made King. As if in response to chapter 8, God says to Solomon that he has heard his prayer and that He will bless the new buildings for Israel. However, this is followed up with some “if-then” and “if not-then” statements given by God. Let’s look at them for our application.

The Application:

Then – Now

Israel fulfilled the “if not-then” here rather than keep the “if-then” promise God gave them. Solomon’s Temple has been destroyed.

Believers Now are faced with a very similar situation. If you will serve me then I will be with you. If you choose to serve other gods, then I cannot be with you.

“Then” seems so long ago to us “Now”. But truly things have changed very little. How are you going to choose to live your life? How are you raising your children to live their lives?


If Solomon and the nation he served would serve God and God alone, then God would be with them. If not, then God would turn blessing and prosperity into a curse and chastisement. The application for us today is just that. If we will serve God and God alone He will be with us, if not we may find ourselves going it alone.

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