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Applications from 1 Kings 

The Story: 1 Kings 9:10-28

This passage is a segway from Solomon’s building into accounts of the remainder of his reign. The main sections we read here concern: (1) his financial alliance with King Hiram (vv. 10–14), (2) his forced labor plan (vv. 15–25), and (3) his shipping fleet to Ophir (vv. 26–28). The applications made will seem more political than usual. However, this is exactly what is being dealt with in the passage.

The Application:

Allies, 1 Kings 9:10-14

From early in the book we have read of the relationship Solomon has with Hiram. Here we see Solomon and Hiram work out a deal for 20 cities. After Hiram sees the cities he calls them good for nothing and questions Solomon in giving them to him Nevertheless, Hiram sends Solomon about 50 million dollars in today’s terms.

Solomon had allies and worked closely with them, but most always to his own benefit and never to his harm. Having an ally can be beneficial with trade agreements and peace treaties.

When the relationship becomes one sided, an alliance is not what you have. Paying the other side to keep the peace is not a treaty. Trading for something you already have, don’t need, or can manufacture to keep the alliance is more than an ally.

Solomon’s dealings either came out even or to his favor. Some would say Solomon took advantage, but the Bible never reads that way. You have to read that into this passage to make that point.

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