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Applications from 1 Kings 

The Story: 1 Kings 9:10-28

This passage is a segway from Solomon’s building into accounts of the remainder of his reign. The main sections we read here concern: (1) his financial alliance with King Hiram (vv. 10–14), (2) his forced labor plan (vv. 15–25), and (3) his shipping fleet to Ophir (vv. 26–28).

The Application:

Manpower, 1 Kings 9:15-25

Solomon built much: Temple, Palace, protection, government offices, and places for animals. How? Manpower.

Solomon used his largest resource to accomplish much. He had help from neighboring countries. He had his own people. He had those they conquered when taking over the land.

Solomon did not look for an easier way. Solomon did not try to appease these people. Solomon put them to work. And we have read about how everyone was satisfied. In the end Solomon had a very nice and respected country.

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