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Applications from 1 Kings 

The Story: 1 Kings 10:1-14

In this passage the Queen of Sheba hears of Solomon’s fame and comes to visit him. Ancient Sheba is accepted as being located in southern Arabia. It is estimated to be 1500 miles away.

Having heard of Solomon’s wisdom she decides to come and test him. This was somewhat common at this time between diplomats. Solomon answered all of her riddles.

She admits that initially she didn’t believe all she heard. Now, she realizes it was all true and even more than she heard. She is so overwhelmed with the greatness of Solomon and all he has built that it takes her breath away! Once gifts were exchanged she returned to her country.

God had done something great in Israel through Solomon.

The Application:

People Will Hear

The Queen of Sheba may not have been convinced yet in v.1, but she had at least heard about what was going on in Israel.

When God does something great…people will hear.

When God does something great, people will hear.  They hear because we can’t stop talking about it. Naturally when a person gets excited about something they can’t help but tell someone.

Allow God to do something great and then talk about it.

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