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Applications from 1 Kings 

The Story: 1 Kings 10:14-29

Solomon has just finished up his business with the Queen of Sheba. In this text, we get an additional summary of his greatness. Verse 14 tells us that he has what would be almost 4 billion dollars just in gold coming into the country each year. Just in gold! (Note: some say 4 million, others 4 billion) This is above what came in from merchants, traders, & other kingdoms.

With this Solomon made targets of gold ($120k each) and shields of gold ($30k each). He had a throne made of ivory that is overlaid with gold! It was 6 steps high with a rounded back and decorated with figures of lions. He had a fleet of ships just to bring special items to him. Each trip took 3 years. The ships brought exotic items like apes and peacocks! In verse 27 we see that the meaning of wealth changed. There was so much gold that silver became like rocks and cedars as sycamore trees.

Most importantly we read that Solomon exceeded all the kings of the Earth in riches, in wisdom, & all the Earth consulted with Solomon.

The Application:

Payment Fits the Work

It would be nice to be able to preach, “Serve God = Become a millionaire with world-renowned wisdom.”

Solomon was blessed as God saw fit to benefit him in his job of building the Temple and establishing the kingdom. God will show interest in what you are doing for Him and will bless in that regard.

  1. If you preach,  He will provide the Word. (Hasn’t He?)
  2. If you Pray,  He will hear and answer.
  3. If you_________?

It pays to serve God, and the payment fits the work.

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