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Applications from 1 Kings 

The Story: 1 Kings 12:1-15

While we learned last time that God would have Jeroboam to become king, Rehoboam is getting set to be king as Jeroboam has been chased to Egypt before Solomon died. While most likely already ruling, Rehoboam would offically become king in Shechem, so all the nation is gathering there. Word gets to Egypt and Jeroboam comes to bring the people’s cause before Rehoboam. They wish to have the taxes lowered and the work lessened. The new King wisely asks for 3 days to make his decision.

During this time he consults with:

  • The older men who served under his father
  • The younger men he has grown up with who now advise him

After 3 days he meets again with the people and tells them he has decided not to lessen their burden.

The Application: 

Be Nice

Did you learn this in grade school? We have to be nice to others. V.13 says clearly that Rehoboam handled the people roughly. Note: He was in a tight spot and couldn’t give what they wanted no matter which way he went.

  • Diplomacy: The older men advised him to be nice to them today and they would serve him from now own happily.
  • Honesty: The young men advised him to speak plainly to them and let them know the truth. (truth-we can’t stop working hard and paying high taxes)

While the older men’s advice was definitely the best, their bureaucratic methods would have still left him with trouble later. The young men’s way was tough up front…but wasn’t it the truth?

We don’t have to be mean to be right. It is always right to speak the truth. It is never right to be rude or hurtful while doing so. In fact, most things could best be left unsaid. Be nice!

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