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Applications from 1 Kings 

THE STORY: 1 KINGS 12:16-24

As we left this story last time, Rehoboam had just dealt harshly with the people. We see the people acting upon what is technically the split of the kingdom. To try and smooth this mess over, Rehoboam sends Adoram (his forced labor overseer) to the angry people. They stone him.

Seeing that things are beyond repair Rehoboam heads for safety. Israel to the North makes Jeroboam their king leaving Judah with Rehoboam in the South. Once home, Rehoboam begins to assemble his military to squash the rebellion and take back his kingdom. God sends word through His prophet that they should not fight as this thing is from Him.

The Application: 

Some things are better off just left alone 1 Kings 12:18-19

Why send Adoram? What could anyone accomplish with an angry mob who have disowned the family name and run off? Furthermore, what could the man who runs the department they have the largest gripe with accomplish? What does Rehoboam think will happen?

This is a horrible situation that no one wants, but further action is just going to make things worse. At this point Rehoboam is just kicking the hornets nest. Some things are better off just left alone.

What is it you are having trouble leaving alone? Pray about it. Study scripture for direction. Leave it alone and see what God does.

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