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Applications from 1 Kings 

THE STORY: 1 KINGS 12:25-33

Rehoboam tried  everything besides going to war to stop the kingdom from dividing. Finally, God tells him to stop and he stops.

Jeroboam is in a place of insecurity.  He is afraid the people will go to Jerusalem to Worship and will side with Rehoboam and come back and kill him. He concludes that it is just too far for the people to travel to Jerusalem to worship God and he “re-designs” Israel’s religion. He set up golden idols for worship. He made those priests who weren’t to be priests. He altered the feasts. He kept the high places (where pagan gods were worshipped). All of this leaves Israel “mis-lead” into a place of sin.

The Application: 

Don’t Forget God’s Plan, 1 Kings 12:25-25


God had promised Jeroboam the same success David had (11:35) if he would just do right before God. As things progressed Jeroboam allowed his fear to become lack of faith in God’s plan. Fear is not always sin, lack of Faith is sin. From his fear/lack of faith Jeroboam decides it is ok to do things his own way.

Don’t forget God’s plan.

  • What is God’s plan for your life?
  • Where does He have you and what does He have you doing?
  • While doing His will you will face times of fear.
  • Pray and don’t let your fear become doubt.

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