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Applications from 1 Kings 

THE STORY: 1 KINGS 12:25-33

Rehoboam tried  everything besides going to war to stop the kingdom from dividing. Finally, God tells him to stop and he stops.

Jeroboam is in a place of insecurity.  He is afraid the people will go to Jerusalem to Worship and will side with Rehoboam and come back and kill him. He concludes that it is just too far for the people to travel to Jerusalem to worship God and he “re-designs” Israel’s religion. He set up golden idols for worship. He made those priests who weren’t to be priests. He altered the feasts. He kept the high places (where pagan gods were worshipped). All of this leaves Israel “mis-lead” into a place of sin.

The Application: 

Look Out for Good Excuses, 1 Kings 12:28-29

Jeroboam found a really good excuse. The kingdom is divided and Jerusalem is all the way over in Judah. It is TOO MUCH to go all the way to Jerusalem!

His good excuse led him to begin excusing other things:

  • We’ll make our own images to worship.
  • We’ll worship in these places we already have here…they weren’t originally intended to worship our God…but surely He’ll understand our heart.
  • We’ll need priests…lets just use who we have/want it will be ok if they are not Levites.
  • We don’t want to be just like Judah so we’ll change the time of the feast….but at least we will still have it.

With this Jeroboam introduced a religion of convenience and popular appeal. In the end he had redesigned their faith for his own personal ends.

Watch out when you get a good excuse. It may lead to you excusing more and more. Before you know it the god you are serving sincerely may not be God at all.

Pastor Chanc Strickland

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