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Applications from 1 Kings 

The Story: 1 Kings 13:1-10

Here in chapter 13 a prophet is being sent by God to Jeroboam. He comes to tell Jeroboam two things: First, God has denounced your brand of religion. Second, the prophet tells him that his altars have no legitimacy with God and that they will be split apart. He didn’t keep his promise to God when he became the king.

He is told, “A descendant of David will end your dynasty.” Jeroboam doesn’t like this and orders the prophet to be seized! As he reaches out his hand to send the order his hand withers. Then the altar was split and ashes poured out. This causes Jeroboam to change his tune and he begs the prophet to ask God to restore his hand. The prophet does and Jeroboam invites him into his home.  The prophet refuses on God’s command not to.

The Application: 

Authentic 1 Kings 13:2-6

This prophet with no name (i.e. No one knew him) walks in during “church” and begins denouncing the king and his rituals. What do you do when someone comes right in barking threats? If someone comes at me like this they better be able to back it up. If they are accusing, I will want to see some evidence. This is exactly what the prophet gives next.

The evidence:

  • The kings hand dried up.
  • The altar split.
  • The ashes poured out.

Everything the prophet said would happen…did happen. He was authentic. It is important that you and I are also authentic. The key here is to be very careful what we say: (i.e. God told me…, The Lord led me…,  I feel like God wants me to….)

God may have led you or told you, but you may have just felt yourself that you should. We are authentic when what we say God said becomes true or can be backed up. We back God up with scripture. So if you are going to talk like this, use scripture.

It isn’t wrong to speak of things not in scripture…just don’t say God said!  Say “I” think/feel/am going to. This leaves us always being authentic. When we are authentic…God can be as well.

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