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Applications from 1 Kings 

The Story: 1 Kings 13:11-34

In the story here we see the man of God once again. We learned that he was nameless, authentic, and obedient. Now we see him on his way home as God had commanded. On the way, an old prophet hears of what he has done and rides to meet him and invite him to dinner. Again obeying God he refuses. The old prophet, to get his way, decides to lie and say God had sent an angel to tell him to bring him into his home to eat and drink. This convinces the man of God to go home and eat with him.

While they are eating, God tells the old prophet that the man of God would die because he did not obey God’s command. So he was sent away on a donkey and a lion came and killed him on his ride home. The lion doesn’t consume or destroy his body though…so we see a dead man of God, a donkey, and a lion all there on the side of the road. When the old prophet heard, he went and brought the body back and buried him in his own grave. He commanded his sons to bury him in the same place when he died. We end the chapter seeing that Jeroboam, after all of this, goes back to his old ways.

The Application: 

Be assured that God’s purpose will prevail (1 Kings 13:25-34)

God sent the man of God to tell Jeroboam his time was up since he formed a cult and practiced false worship. The man of God obeyed and completed this part. However, he disobeyed before the story was over. But, in spite of his failure, God’s purpose was still fulfilled.

In verse 32, the old prophet confirms that the man of God’s prophecy would eventually come to pass. In verses 33 and 34, Jeroboam went on doing unrighteousness. The man of God may have failed, but God’s purpose still prevailed. The very message he came there to proclaim eventually came to pass.

What can we learn from this? God doesn’t have to have us. Even when we mess up God’s work will still be accomplished.

Pastor Chanc Strickland

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