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Applications from 1 Kings 

The Story: 1 Kings 14:1-20

In this story, Jeroboam’s son Abijah is sick. This must be his heir since Jeroboam is so concerned. Jeroboam sends his wife in disguise to Ahijah the prophet in Shiloh to see if he can tell what will happen to Abijah. God forewarns Ahijah who has gone blind and wouldn’t be able to see who was coming to him that Jeroboam’s wife is coming in disguise.

When she arrives he immediately begins to tell her of God’s judgement on their family and kingdom: First, he condemns Jeroboam for making idols, which makes God consider him “more evil than all who lived before” him. Second, “every last male” in Jeroboam’s line will die. Third, Ahijah states that her sick boy will die, be mourned in Jerusalem, and will be buried. Fourth, with Jeroboam’s family gone, Israel will obviously receive a new royal dynasty. Fifth, Ahijah makes the long-term promise that Israel will go into exile because of their adherence to Jeroboam’s religion.

Our passage ends with Jeroboam’s death after 22 years of being king.

The Application: 

Be Yourself (1 Kings 14:1-4)

Jeroboam had gotten away from what was right and knew it. He still knew where to turn or where to go in a tight spot, but he felt he couldn’t. He couldn’t go so he sent his wife. He couldn’t even let it be known that she was his wife. So he has her go in disguise.

All the while, All-knowing Almighty God goes before them. By the time his wife arrives, the prophet knows she is coming. They should’ve just gone themselves, as themselves. The news would have been the same either way.

Be yourself. It is important that we just be who we are no matter what. Uncomfortable situations cause us to want to act differently:

  • Attending church out of fellowship with God.
  • Facing something publicly we thought we could hide.
  • Interacting with those different than us.

Be yourself…the news will be the same either way. In the end, you won’t be left standing there in costume fooling no one.

Pastor Chanc Strickland

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