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Applications from 1 Kings 

THE STORY: 1 KINGS 14:21-31

If you read the last post, Creeping In, be sure to skip ahead to the Application…

Did you happen to catch Rehoboam’s mother’s name? It seems the writer is trying to make a point. Yet again we see the failure of Solomon impacting the nation. The story here is very simple. After finishing up the story on Jeroboam we get the entire record of the reign of Rehoboam.

Who is Rehoboam? He is Solomon’s heir who was given just the two tribes when God divided the Kingdom. Jeroboam ruled over Israel (North), Rehoboam ruled Judah (South).

In reading of his reign, we see that he embraced false religion. People worshiped in the high places. They worshiped sacred pillars. They worshiped wooden images on every hill and under every tree. They even mixed sexual perversion with their worship.

The record here is that Judah provoked God to jealousy with their sin even more than their fathers had. After just 5 years Rehoboam was taken over by Egypt. Solomon’s mighty nation and the capital city has fallen.

The Application: 

A Cheap Substitute (1 Kings 14:26-28)

Part of me understands Rehoboam here. Where is he going to get more gold shields? But really, does he have to bring in a cheap substitute?

No matter how you spin it, this is a cheap substitute. His guards hide the bronze shields away when not in use. But at this point, it is just one more thing on the list.

When you allow the world to creep in, it won’t be long until you are fine with the cheap substitute it offers. This why there are false religions, false Gods, anti-Christs, etc. Satan, Sin, the World always has a cheap substitute to put on a form of godliness.


  • Be careful what you sow, you are going to reap.
  • Be careful what you do, the world will creep in.
  • Be careful what you allow, don’t settle for a cheap substitute.

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