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Applications from 1 Kings 

1 Kings 18:17-21

If you read the last post, Blamed for something you didn’t do, please skip ahead to the application.

The Story:

The part of the story read here gives three good thoughts. We left Elijah last time waiting for Obadiah to bring Ahab. We pick up here with Ahab and Elijah meeting for the first time since Elijah announced that God would stop the rain. Ahab immediately blames Elijah for Israel’s trouble. Elijah quickly reminds Ahab that the trouble comes from Baal
worship. Elijah tells Ahab to gather Israel and the false prophets for a meeting
at Mt. Carmel. Once there Elijah asks the people how long they will halt between
two opinions. He challenges them to either serve God or Baal.

The Application:

Being falsely blamed, Elijah speaks the truth. I didn’t cause this. You and your fathers did. You have forsaken the Lord and followed Baal.

We see two polar opposite characters here… Ahab, who even when misplacing blame tries to do it in a nice way to avoid hurt feelings. Elijah, who isn’t concerned with anyone’s feelings but God.

Elijah speaks the truth even when the truth hurts.

You and I have a tough job before us trying to decide which route to take when dealing with others. Mainly because…the truth hurts.

Here are some things to remember. Speak the truth in love….love never fails. Be aware that the truth hurts and don’t be surprised when it does. The first time you speak the truth to someone may the last time you get to speak with them. If someone speaks the truth to you listen knowing that it might just hurt a bit to hear what they have to say.

Pastor Chanc Strickland
Harpeth Baptist Church
Kingston Springs, TN

This blog post was adapted from a sermon preached at Harpeth Baptist Church in the summer of 2012.