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Applications from 1 Kings 

1 Kings 18:40-46

If you read the last post, Treating the Symptom, please skip ahead to the application.

The Story:

As we finished last time the fire of God fell and consumed the sacrifice. This led the people to proclaim, “Yahweh is God!” Tonight Elijah has all of the prophets of Baal killed. Then he tells Ahab that rain is coming. Next, Elijah goes atop Mt. Carmel and kneels. He tells his servant to go up and look toward the sea. The servant sees nothing, but Elijah tells him to look again 7 times. The 7th time he sees a cloud the size of a man’s fist. This small cloud grew into great rain. As everyone heads home, Elijah outruns Ahab who is in a chariot and got a head start!

The Application:

Elijah’s actions show us that he expects God to do what He said He would do. Elijah tells Ahab…I think I hear a rain storm coming! Elijah goes up high so he can see it on the way. Elijah tells his servant to keep checking…I know it is a climb, but keep checking and let me know. Even if you have to go 7 times! Elijah had great expectations.

God said (18:1) that He was going to send rain. Why should Elijah assume God would do anything else? Had God ever failed Elijah? When God said he would stop the rain…it stopped. When God sent Elijah to the brook…He fed him. When God sent Elijah to the Widow…He fed them. When the widow’s son died…God raised him. God had never failed Elijah, thus Elijah had Great Expectations.

Has God ever failed you? Jesus never fails! Live your life with Great Expectations. Live believing that God will do what He said He would do.

Pastor Chanc Strickland
Harpeth Baptist Church
Kingston Springs, TN

This blog post was adapted from a sermon preached at Harpeth Baptist Church in the summer of 2012.