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Applications from 1 Kings 

1 Kings 19:9-14

The Story:

As we finished last time, Elijah was beginning a journey that would take him 40 days and 40 nights. He arrives at Horeb and finds a cave to stay in. Here God says to him, “What are you doing here?” Elijah replies with his resume and then informs God that his life is in danger and he feels he needs to hide out. God tells him to go stand out on the mountain. A strong wind, earthquake, and fire come by, but God isn’t in them. Then Elijah heard a still small voice, and God was in the stillness. So Elijah went out of the cave and met with the voice of God.

The Application:

Elijah is serving the God of the Stillness. Sure He can stop the rain, send fire, from heaven, but He is also the God who speaks in a still small voice. Elijah has been fed, ministered to by an angel, but now will be helped with the Word of God. God’s Word never fails!

The first Word is simple, “Why are you here”? God asks Elijah why he is at Horeb. Elijah’s reply is essentially that he sees no reason to continue. Israel is apostate, they kill the prophets, and he alone stands for covenant faith.

Apparently he had hoped that Mt. Carmel would produce a final victory over Baal worship. Of course we know from studying the Word that one victory over evil is never the end of the war. What Elijah had accomplished was HUGE, but it was not a final blow or a complete fix.

Pastor Chanc Strickland
Harpeth Baptist Church
Kingston Springs, TN

This blog post was adapted from a sermon preached at Harpeth Baptist Church in the summer of 2012.